The short name of the Journal of International Relations Studies is TUIC Academy Journal. The journal belongs to the International Relations Studies Association. It is a scientific peer-reviewed journal published electronically in Turkish and English languages in April, August and December, three times a year.

The association published the first and second issues of the journal in 2012 and today the journal has been transferred to online format. The work in the journal is intended to discuss issues that occupy the international agenda. In this context, studies in the field of international politics, economics, law, global energy, migration and security policies and theoretical debates on the discipline of international relations constitute the primary research subjects of the journal.


TUIC Academy Journal aims to include different dimensions of current debates in international relations in each issue. The journal aims to approach current developments in international relations from a scientific and critical perspective and to present a universal perspective. In this context, TUIC Academy Journal has adopted the principle of cooperating with national and multinational institutions, organizations, foundations and reinforcing the knowledge of academics in the field with the contributions of non-governmental organizations and bureaucrats.


TUIC Academy Journal aims to bring together the works of graduate students, young researchers and academicians under the same roof. In this respect, the journal also undertakes a mission towards continuous education. 

TUIC Academy Journal covers original research and book reviews on international relations, international politics, international political economy, international law, global energy, international migration, and international security. 


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